esim in nepal by NTC

eSIM in Nepal

Nepal Telecom has finally launched the eSIM service in Nepal for the general public.

What is an eSIM ?

As the name suggests, eSIM is an electronic SIM card that’s designed to replace the physical SIM card. utmost smartphones use a physical SIM card these days. An eSIM is a virtual bedded system that can not be removed. As the “ bedded ” part of the name suggests, this is erected into the phone’s mainboard. suchlike to an NFC chip, eSIM is rewritable and will be compatible with all the dominant carriers, anyhow of what type of network they use.

eSIM in Nepal eSIM is a word that was largely hyped with the launch of the Apple Watch 3. It got out there in the smartphone request with Google Pixel 2 – getting the first phone to borrow this technology. The Apple Watch 3 and Pixel are n’t the only bias using eSIMs. buses and other IoT bias do too we ’ve all seen a connected auto in this case, and you may have ever wondered where its SIM card is. The short statement is that it’s using an eSIM. That’s one operation where it really just makes sense. before iPhone 11 phones started first to support eSIM. But now numerous decoration phones from Apple and Samsung support this eSIM functionality.

Nepal Telecom Launched First eSIM Service in Nepal

eSim in nepal by NTC

Nepal Telecom has finally launched the eSIM service in Nepal for the general public. Current NTC users can upgrade to it for free.

With this, Nepal Telecom becomes the first telecom driver to support eSIM in Nepal. The eSIM allows druggies to use all the functions and services of a SIM card but without the need for a physical SIM card.

The telecom mammoth partnered with Monty UK Global Limited to give the necessary platform for making eSIM service available to NTC guests.

How to get NTC eSIM in Nepal?

Starting Moment( September 16, 2022), Nepal Telecom is distributing eSIM from the telecom office located at Sundhara, Kathmandu.

Current NTC guests of repaid and postpaid plans can upgrade to eSIM for free if their device supports eSIM( scroll down to know which smartphones presently support it). You have to submit the necessary documents for it.
The eSIM is also available for purchase for new postpaid guestsstill, it’s presently not available to buy for new repaid guests. The service provider said that the eSIM will soon be available for new repaid druggies.

Which devices support eSIM in Nepal?

The rearmost flagship smartphones from Samsung and Apple support eSIM. Samsung bias including the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22, S22, Z Fold 3, and Z Flip 3, S21 series, S20 Ultra, S20, and S20 support eSIM. still, there are different variants, so some variants may not support it.

Apple iPhones after the iPhone XS, including iPhone 13 series, 12 series, and 11 series, all support eSIM. But if your iPhone is from Mainland China, it may not be compatible with eSIM. And only the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE( 2nd and 3rd generation), and iPhone XS from Hong Kong or Macau feature eSIM.

Huawei P40 Pro also supports eSIM. There are a many further Huawei, Sony, Oppo, Google, and Motorola phones that feature eSIM but aren’t available in Nepal officially. Away from iPhones, Apple iPad Wi- Fi Cellular models also support eSIM, except for the Chinese variants. These models include iPad mini( 5th generation and latterly), iPad( 7th generation and latterly), iPad Air( 3rd generation and latterly), iPad Pro 11- inch( all generations), and iPad Pro12.9- inch( 3rd generation and latterly).

Smartwatches including Apple Watch GPS Cellular modelsWatch 3 and latterly) and Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS 3G/ LTE( Gear S2 and latterlyalso support eSIM. The cellular performances of these watchesstill, aren’t yet officially available in Nepal.

Benefits of eSIMs

With the preface of eSIMs on Apple and Pixel bias, a lot of GSM drivers around the world are on board to apply the system. The GSMA( the association that represents the interest of the mobile drivers around the world) has also blazoned a standard for eSIM. A lot of telecommunication drivers like – AT&T, Etisalat, Deutsche, Orange, Telefonica, Vodafone, Airtel, Jio, and others are also said to be on board for this new kind of SIM.

The changing of an driver will make easier with the perpetration of eSIM as the network data that it carries will be rewritable. You’ll be suitable to change your network driver with a single phone call rather than carrying multiple SIM cards of multiple drivers. The major advantage would be for transnational trippers who are paying a huge quantum of plutocrat for roving services.

This new type of SIM can be used far and wide in the world in the original network so roving charges can be extortionate.
The other intricacy with physical SIM cards is that there are presently two or three sizes in playnumerous of us have shifted out SIMs from one phone to another. We’ve indeed have cut down the bigger SIMs to the lower bones . We’ve indeed lost out on the SIM card appendage or indeed fitted the card in the wrong way. The new eSIM will make these effects, the effects of the history.

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