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Raju Lama Set A Record Performing Concert in 6,574 m

“It’s not easy to sing at mound above 6500 measures,” songster Raju wrote in a videotape posted on the social network Facebook,” but I liked the thin air and the challenge. Our thing is to raise mindfulness about climate change and its impact on diurnal life around the world.”

Raju lama concert Everest

Raju Lama is one of the Multi-Talented  Artists of Nepal who is a singer and  Actor. He is Famous all over Nepal for his Songs and a grateful heart toward the Nepalese. Diya Pun is an Actress in Nepali Cinema. Both Raju Lama and Diya Pun are planning to Climb Mount Everest to spread the message about the effects of climate change, and Raju Lama is Performing a small Concert at Camp 2( 6,574 meters) altitude. It’s a huge step and a pride moment for all Raju lama fans all over Nepal. Raju Lama’s concert at 6,574 meters will be a record performing at that height. He said, “I am planning to climb Everest to promote tourism and strength the relationship between music and Mountains”.

   Raju Lama Everest Climb and Concert at 6,574 metres

On Monday, Tourism Minister Prem Bahadur Ali handed over the national flag of Nepal and wished Raju Lama and Diya success along with a congratulatory letter at a ceremony held at Mantralaya. Singer Raju Lama is scheduled to perform a concert in the second week of April at Camp Two. It will be a record Performing a concert at the highest point in the world. On March 10, he plans to depart for Everest, while the actress will leave on March 7. She will climb the mountain to spread awareness of Nepali film and the impact of climate change on the mountain.” The mountains and glaciers in Nepal have melted. This is not just an issue for Nepal; it needs the world’s attention,” singer Lama told reporters online. Both Raju lama and Diya Pun are helping in the Mountain Clean-up Campaign.

Raju lama

Raju Lama said he will sing a song with Guitar in his hand at 6,574 meters altitude. He will sing a few songs, and he will perform a new song that he had written on Climate change. Mostly he will sing popular songs. Raju Lama said he would go up the mountain with a guitar for the concert and be accompanied by a 10-person expedition team of Nepalese and foreigners. The government is ready to help both for their success to climb Mt. Everest, Minister Prem Bahadur Ale said. “The government is prepared to help them if they ask for it,” he said.

Tourism Minister Prem Bahadur Ali, along with Milan Chams, Actor and Pilot Vijay Lama, and representatives of the mountaineering sector, Congratulated Raju lama and Diya Pun on their journey. We Nepalese also wish both of them success and congratulations.