Samir Shrestha

Who is Samir Shrestha?

Samir Shrestha is a well-known Nepali artist/band. Discover biography and interesting records of Samir Shrestha’s career and private existence. Find out specified information about Samir Shrestha’s top, real call, spouse, female friend & youngsters. Samir Shrestha Wiki, fb, Instagram, and socials. Samir Shrestha top, Age, Bio, and real name. The 19-year-vintage singer and songwriter, Samir Shrestha, who has executed quite a few fandoms withinside the Nepali tune enterprise explains the tune became written manner earlier than COVID hit us all.

The first authentic tune that blew up and has gotten tens of thousands and thousands of perspectives on YouTube became written while he became simplest in grade 8.

Name : Samir Shrestha
Nationality: Nepalese
Carrer Singer, Songwriter
height: 5ft 7inches
Weight: 55-60kg
Age: 19 years old
Country: Nepal
Songs: Mero Mana Ma, Bujhideu, Chaar Dewar, Kuri Basechu, Thamana Haat
Net Worth: Not Fixed
Girlfriend: Sumi Shrestha

Journey of Samir Shrestha

Samir Shrestha is a well-known Nepali artist/band. Shrestha says, “It turned into supposed to be music approximately a long-distance relationship. And in case you had advised me that this music goes to get 10k perspectives in the future I might now no longer have believed you. “It appeared not possible for Shrestha withinside the beginning. Even now it appears like a dream to me,” he adds. While he’s absolutely stuck via way of means of wonder that he has gotten a lot of love for his first music, the music has gotten 1. four million perspectives and remains to count.  He developed a preference for love songs after idolizing vocalists like Bipul Chhetri and Sajjan Raj Vaidya as a child. Samir Shrestha also performed Concerts in many colleges programs and events.

“I used to concentrate on numerous songs and practiced making a song all of the time. While I did now no longer believe truly be doing what I love, I commenced my tune profession through making Youtube films of me making a song cowl songs,” provides Shrestha. At first, Samir commenced recording songs with the use of earphones on his telecellsmartphone as he did now no longer have the posh to visit a recording studio. Shrestha talks approximately about how he continually had his earphones with him. “My voice changed into now no longer as top as it’s miles now after I first commenced out. But that did now no longer forestall me from signing, and I practiced a lot,” says Shrestha. And similar to any top element takes time, his adventure from recording songs on earphones to being a national net sensation took 7 lengthy years.

Samir Shrestha says, “Even I didn’t count on to attain out to many human beings via my songs in this sort of quick time, so belonging for a day after today men as nobody is aware of what day after today holds.”

He also collab with Akash Khadka on the song Timi Bhayeara Prod. Kila which was no.1 trending for music.

Samir Shrestha’s Lifestyle, Age, And Girlfriend

Samir Shrestha is a young Nepali singer who is also one of the popular singers in Nepal. he is a good-looking guy and handsome. He also has many young fans in Nepal. people love his song called ‘Thamana Haat’. He is a creative guy who loves to write songs and sing songs.

His age till now is unknown because he hasn’t disclosed it yet. Hope soon he will disclose his struggle and about himself.

According to his social media Instagram, he hangout more with Sumi Shrestha. Maybe Sumi Shrestha is his girlfriend. But yet it is not fixed maybe soon he will tell about it.

Je Chau Timi

His new song with Swoopna Suman on 2023 ‘ Je Chhau Timi ‘ is also loved my his fans and also trending on music Nepal. Hope he will bring more songs to fans as always he does. He also said that “Je Chau Timi “ is all about adoring and acceptance of our partner regardless of anything.

Professional Journey and Controversies

As per the information, there are no difficulties about Samir Shrestha. He started songwriting in grade 8. When he was a child, he used to hear songs and start to write the lyrics, also record them on his mobile and start to sing a song and began to passionate in the music field.

He started his career in 2020 after releasing his first song Thamna Hath. numerous people love his song and come shocked by his harkening to his songs. After that, he later recorded numerous songs i.e Dewar Bujideu, Mero man ma, Kuri Basechu, and Chaar Thamna Hath. Samir is a youthful gift and a brilliant songster as well as a Lyrics pen.
His professional trip is good due to his excellent family background. His primary profession is songster, although he loves to write songs too. That is why he’s known as a songster and pen.

Samir Shrestha Social media

Instagram: samirstha319

Youtube: Samir Shrestha

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