VEK Performing on Stage

Who is VEK?


VEK is a popular songster in Nepal best known for his songs like Eklai Jiuna Sikney, Mayalu. He was also the semi-finalist in Voice of Nepal season 1. His real name is Bibek Waiba Lama.

VEK rose to fame and came to a popular name in the music assiduity after the song’s release similar as eklai jiuna sikey, lai vari lai, Sayad. The songs were publically accredited and has further than a million views on Youtube. He says Eklai jiuna sikey is his particular fave of all time.

VEK Biography

Stage Name VEK
Real Name Bibek Waiba Lama
Birth Date 1994
Age 28 years old
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
Nationality Nepali
Occupation Singer, Songwriter
Debut Kina
Popular Songs Ekali Jiuna Sakey, Lai Bari Lai, Mayalu
Record Label Classic X presentation

VEK Life Style

VEK was interested in music since his nonage. He was always congratulated for his voice. When he was in grade 8, he auditioned for balkaryakam for Radio Nepal. He was named to sing children’s songs on Radio Nepal. He learned to play the guitar and started to do music more frequently since also. He performed his first stage performance during his council days. He had his first recording on Radio Nepal when he was in Grade 8.

“I also used the time to sing and upload songs on YouTube. I was just to pass time, but little did I know that doing so would be the turning point in my life.”

VEK Girlfriend

Talking about his girlfriend, till now he hasn’t disclosed it. Hope soon he will disclose his journey and struggle with his career more.

Music Career

VEK shared in Voice of Nepal. He sang Despacito in his eyeless round and the videotape went trending on Youtube. He went to the Coach Deep platoon and made it up to the semi-finals of the season. He was one of the popular rivals in the season. He was excluded in week 7. But, VEK says Voice of Nepal was a kickstart for his musical career. He got to learn further about music from the show and had exposure to the music assiduity.

VEK also banded with Yabesh Thapa for the new song Mayalu. The song was publically accredited and the song was trending on Youtube.VEK and Yabesh Thapa have a good bonding with them. Vek and Yabesh will be performing on Club Platinum on the 29th of June.

Debut Song

VEK was a freelancer in the assiduity. He used to cover the songs. But, his real music trip started when he inked with Classic X donation as the artist. After that, he debuted in the music assiduity with the song Kina. The music is produced by Stonecutter. The song was appreciated by the suckers of VEK and the public.

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