What is ANTF(All Nepal Thug Family)?

In Loving Memory of RollerX ANTF( ALL Nepal Thugs Family) is an event management and audio/video recording company, focused on building new artists and giving chance to make their careers.” Hoodbazi” is their first debut rap battle event with one lakh prize money, organized successfully by ANTF in 2022. It was a successful event organized by ANTF. Many young rappers of Nepal have got a chance to show their talent at this event. It’s a huge step for new upcoming rappers in Nepal. It has given the new rappers a boost and confidence in their careers. ANTF  gathered forty potential battle rappers from all over Nepal. It is an awesome organized Rap Battle by ANTF and their teams. we Hope ANTF will organize more events and produce more talented rappers from different areas of Nepal upcoming days.

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ANTF Season 2

Antf Season 2 is likely to be held soon with new rappers all over from Nepal. As Antf winner Plus Divide and Popular rapper G Bob collab in a song called Thug Family with ANTF Production.

ANTF Rap Battle winner of 2022 ( Plus Divide)

The winner of ANTF Rap Battle of 2022 goes to Plus Divide. He is 18 years young boy from Panauti, Kavre. The Rap Battle Tournament Final was held on December 29, 2021, at Sugar Ktm, Thamel. The final battle was between Plus Divide and Aka Fire. It was an awesome battle between them. Plus Divide as awarded an amount of 1 Lakh cash.

Judges of ANTF Rap Battle 2022

– Hakim Gurung

– Duke dai

– Lazy Izy

Host of the Rap Battle 2022

– Dong

-Alish Nepking

-Kavi G

ANTF Battle Beat Producer

-Roller X ( 18 July 1994 – 26 December 2021)

Popular Rap Battle 2022

All the rap battles were awesome in ANTF Battle. Among them, the Battle between G Bob and Maila was viral and hype among the people. Many people love their battle and enjoyed it. “Milena Level Tero Bau Bola Eyy” is a hit punch line from G Bob which went viral all over social media. Thanks to ANTF organizations who uplift the Rap and Hip Pop in Nepal among the upcoming new generations.



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