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Who is G Bob?

G Bob is a young Nepali rapper of this generation whose real name is Sudeep Bhandari. Who is now famous among the people for the punch line “Milena Level Tero Bau Bola Eyy” which went viral on different social media like Tik-Tok, Facebook, and Instagram. He started his career with the song ‘Kalakaar’ which didn’t go well. He is going to be known as one of the greatest rappers in the Nepali rapper industry if he keeps on doing well in his work. Many popular rappers also said that he can be the next “Yama Buddha “, Who was and always remain the Legend Rapper of the Nepali rapper industry. Now he also started performing concerts in different places and foreign countries. G Bob is one of the  Trending Rapper of Nepali this year. He also signed a 3 years contract with Antf.

Laure on G Bob” As being both Nepali Rapper Family I wish him to best and success in his career and always ready to support him on upcoming days.”

Name : Sudeep Bhandari
Nickname:   G Bob
Age: 21
D.O.B: 13 September 2002
Birth Place: Gorkha, Nepal
Current Location: Godawari, Lalitpur
Occupation: Rapper and Songwriter
Genre: Hip-hop/rap
height: 5ft 7inches
weight: 50kg
Nationality: Nepali
education: +2 pass
Relationship Status: single
Songs: Kalakaar, PAKH PAKH,Bhag Bhag Na Dea Aba Dherai Dhak, Finally Bhetiyo
Nationality: Nepalese
Religion: Hindu
Hobbies: singing, traveling, Hangout
Net worth: 3 to 5 lakh rupees (not fixed)
Full-Form of G Bob: Global Battle of Bands

G Bob Concert in Australia

G Bob is a young Popular rapper from Nepal who is in hype nowadays. Young and Talented rapper coming from ANTF platform. He is popular with his punch line “Mileana level tero bau bola eyy”. Battle with Maila and G Bob went viral and were liked by many Nepalese and foreign people. His real name is Sudeep Bhandari. Along with G Bob, Hakim dai also attended a concert in Australia. He also said that he will be performing concerts in UK and Nepal in Different places with ANTF. He performed in many cities in Australia Sydney, and Brisbane. G Bob meets many fans of him in Australia. Now he is the most demanded artist rapper in Nepal and many more countries. he will be also performing in clubs like Platinium, Senate, and LOD.

Firstly, He participate in Rap Battle on the platform ANTF(All Nepal Thug Family) which is event management, focused on building new artists. He battles with many rappers like Maila, Sirupatey, Sixnem, Aaku Boom among them the battle with Maila went viral and was liked by many people. He couldn’t make it to in semi-final battle with the Plus divide due to his Health Condition. He is also known as the Best of the Best of the recent ANTF Battle. His Punch lines and the way he raps inflow are awesome and attractive. The question can he be the upcoming best rapper in the Nepal musical industry? Hope he will keep doing hard work on his work and achieve more in his career. Today most people and youth know him as the punch line “Milena Level Tero Bau Bola Eyy”. He will return on ANTF Battle season 2 with more punch line and energy. He respects Antf and thanks for a platform to encourage and to show his talents and other new rappers. Nepali rapper VTEN  also praised G Bob and said to him ” keep on doing well”.

G Bob Education & Lifestyle

G Bob nickname is “Sudeep Bhandari”. Talking about his educational qualifications, he completed his primary school education(SLC/SEE) and higher secondary education (12th), and he completed his higher secondary education in Lalitpur. He is a Hardworking rapper. His nature looks friendly with fans and friends. His hobbies are hanging out with friends, traveling, and singing with friends. He is more like a Simple living High thinking Person.

G Bob Have Girlfriend? 

Till now it’s unknown about Sudeep Bhandari’s (G Bob) Girlfriend. Hope he will soon release details of his personal life along with his struggles in his career in the upcoming days.

G Bob Songs

G Bob started his career by releasing songs through the Youtube platform. We are hoping to listen to more awesome songs and raps from him in the upcoming days. He also mentioned that his new album will be coming soon officially. Many fans are searching for his songs on Spotify, Soon he will upload his songs on Spotify according to different sources.

G Bob new song called Kasailai Terdina ma official trailer is released.

G Bob song in A Mero Hajur 4

G Bob Antf is a young Nepali rapper of this generation whose real name is Sudeep Bhandari. Who is now famous among the people for the punch line “Milena Level Tero Bau Bola Eyy” which went viral on different social media like Tik-Tok, Facebook, and Instagram. Bob’s song is featured in the upcoming Nepali movie A Mero Hajur 4. ” Bhag Bhag Na Dea Aba Dherai Dhak” is a song that he has sung in A Mero Hajur 4. It was officially released on April 9 on Youtube and It is trending on Youtube No.1 within in few hours. The music video of this melody is including Anmol KC and Suhana Thapa as the lead entertainers. This melody is from the Nepali film A Mero Hajur 4.


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