Gosaikunda lake nepal
Gosaikunda Lake, also spelled Gosainkunda is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal’s Langtang National Park, located at an elevation of 4,380 m.

Gosaikunda Lake

Gosaikunda Lake was derived or believed to have been created by Lord Shiva when he thrust his Trishula (Trident) into a mountain to extract the water to calm his poisoning throat.  There is a large rock between the lake, and people still believe it’s a Shiva shrine. There’s one that also believes people with a pure soul can see the reflection of Lord Shiva that’s lying under the water. As per Hindu scriptures, Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, and the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana refer to Samudra Manthan is directly related to the origin of Gosaikunda and has explained so well. 

 There are 108 Kunda (Lakes) around this area, mainly Saraswati Kunda, Bhairab Kunda, Surya Kunda, Naga Kunda, and Gosaikunda (Lakes), which seem most popular among the Pilgrims. However, Gosaikunda Lake is one of the pilgrimage places for all Hindus and Buddhists, where once every year, all the devotees from many places of the country and even the Indian Hindus come to take a holy dip in the lake. Almost half of the year, it gets frozen. 

Gosaikunda Lake Trek trails have well-managed facilities, lodges in each place, and western Menu system foods, so any variety of meals options can get it. The meal price solidly changes up each year by the tea house lodge community.

Gosaikunda Blog

It was on Dashain when I went to Gosaikunda with my cousin’s brothers. I had around one month’s holiday for the Dashain festival. I packed my clothes and needed stuff for me on the journey. Then we met each other early morning and went to the bus station for the bus.  It was awesome and had different vibes for me. I felt like I was free, like a bird. Seeing those green forests through bus windows made my mind fresh and joyful. We also ate lunch at some point. We started walking from Dhunche. It was a peaceful and clean environment with no vehicles, making peace and walking, enjoying birds’ sounds and floating waters. Winds. Leaving the city area made me that I had come to heaven place. The people there were very friendly and kind.

Gosaikunda Lake

Waking up early in the morning and seeing those beautiful mountains ranges made me have joy and energy in my body. We stayed there and left in the early morning after having breakfast to see the beautiful mountains and our destination, Gosaikunda lake. We walked around 3-4 hours to get there. Walking early morning made my mind fresh. After reaching some point, I saw a lake. It was Gosainkunda lake. It was huge and clean. When we reached there, it was cold although the rise of the dim sun. Then we took some photos over there, and other people were swimming around the holy Gosainkunda. Many people from foreign countries were three and also Nepalese. We stayed there for 2-3 hours, and we came back to the lodge, where we left early in the morning and had lunch. Then taking a rest for a while, we came back to the bus station of Rasuwa, and we arrived at our home.

The Best time to visit Gosaikunda

If you wish to visit Gosaikunda lake, it is best to go there from April to June or August to October. The monsoon and winter are not good times to go there. There will be a lot of rain and many storms; you will also have leeches biting your legs on the trail. You can also have fun with the snow.

Gosaikunda Itinerary

  • Day 1: Drive to Dhunche by bus or private jeep early morning. It takes normally 6/7 hours. 
  • Day 2: Trek to Thulo Syabru Village (2250 meters.)It takes around 5 hours by walking and staying overnight at the lodge.
  • Day 3: Trek to Lauribinayak (3910 meters. 5 hours walking). Stay overnight at the lodge.
  • Day 4: Trek to Gosaikunda (4380 meters. 3 hours walking). Stay overnight at Lodge.
  • Day 5: Trek down to Sing Gompa (3330 meters. 4 hours walking). Stay overnight at Lodge.
  • Day 6: Trek down to Dhunche (1960 meters. 5 hours walking). Stay overnight at Lodge.
  • Day 7: Drive back to Kathmandu by public bus (7/8 hours driving)

Gosaikunda trek cost for Nepali

hiring a guide cost for the Nepali to Gosaikunda trek is Rs 2,300 per guide, and for the porter is Rs 2,000 per day; if you are planning to do the Gosaikunda trek with the group, then the cost can share. Note that the transportation is extra for the guide and porter.

Clothes and Equipment for Gosaikunda

Here is a list of recommended clothing and accessories that you should take to go on Gosaikunda. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list; rather, it is intended to remind you of those items that we feel are essential for your comfort and convenience.

Gosaikunda lake