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Who is Yabesh Thapa?

yabesh thapa

Yabesh Thapa, The songster who made a name for himself among the numerous vocalizers of Nepal. The rising star of the Nepali musical assiduity, Mr. Yabesh has formerly made his name popular with his song Lakhau Hajarau.

He’s one of the rising vocalizers inspired by the elderly member’s offers of the church. He started to write his songs in grade 7 and has been passionate about the field since his age.

He started his passion at an early age. His first song, Lakhau Hajarau, debuted at the donation of gradeX. generally, he used to write the lyrics and partake in them on social spots. Luckily, social networking spots help him reach out his songs to thousands of druggies.

He didn’t anticipate the importance of his song, but he enjoyed the growth and expansion of the music on social media. piecemeal from that, he also enjoys uniting with musicians. His full name is Yabesh Thapa. Yabesh Thapa’s religion is Christianity.

Yabesh Thapa Biography

Name Yabesh Thapa
Nationality Nepali
Age 19 years old
Birth Place Gorkha, Gandaki Province
Occupation Singer, Song Writer
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Current Address Godawari, Lalitpur, Bagmati Province
Education Status +2
College Liverpool international college
Net Worth 10 Lakhs-20 Lakhs
Income 50k-1Lakh/Month

Yabesh Thapa Education And LifeStyle

Talking about his education he completed his college level at The Liverpool International College.

When we talk about the relationship and connubial status of Yabesh, he’s single. Regarding his relationship and Gal, we do not have enough information. That is why he’s still single.

Coming to his pursuits also, he loves Singing, Travelling, and Writing.

Interesting Facts about Yabesh

It’s lately known that Yabesh Thapa is a huge addict of Zeremy Zucker and he always wished to have the voice of Jeremy Zucker and Chloe Moriondo. He’s also introverted and shy person. He’s a huge addict of Deadpool. His alleviations for music are Sajjan Raj Vaidya, VEK, and Oasis Thapa. Yabesh also doesn’t like to take filmland. Yabesh has a good relationship and bonding with Vek.

Yabesh’s YouTube Channel and Social Profile

As with everyone differently, Yabesh Thapa is also laboriously involved in social media. Check out his social media accounts, similar to Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube, where he has participated in colorful prints and vids, including his moments, on these platforms. The fact that he’s a shy person means that he can not upload numerous filmland to his social media spots.

YouTube: Yabesh Thapa

Instagram: yabush69

Facebook: Yabesh Thapa

TikTok:  yabush69

Yabesh Thapa’s Popular Songs

  • Mayalu
  • K Huncha Bhanera
  • Ae Mutu
  • Mero Priye,
  • Firfirey
  • Mana ki raani
  • Laakhau Hajarau
  • Saacho Kura
  • Aakhale

Upcoming Shows of Yabesh Thapa

He also performed many shows in Nepal. Yabesh will be performing with VEK on Platinum Club on the 29th of June.

Yabesh Thapa Net Worth and Salaries

His income status isn’t clear. Still, we can anticipate his income from his YouTube source. On average, his average yearly payment is around 50- 60K.

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